About us

Marco Filippo is a high-end brand, established by two friends with passion for streetwear style. They say necessity is mother of all inventions, and Marco Filippo is no different. They couldn’t find a brand that expresses their personality fully, so they set out to create their own, one which would place emphasis on refined and clean designs. Marco Filippo is designed with passion in Milano, Italy, and it stands out with custom detailing accented by hand-made quality.

Marco Filippo was founded in 2017 by two streetwear-loving childhood friends Marijan Petrovski and Filip Arsovski. They previewed their first collection the same year in a pop-up store. At launch, they successfully sold out within the first two weeks.

Marijan Petrovski and Filip Arsovski have a combined 20+ years experience in design, business and marketing. Though it was their shared interest in creating a product (especially one that they could be proud of) that sealed the deal on the partnership. And every collection they drop is about exceeding their vision to create ultra-luxe minimalist clothing.

Today, the Marco Filippo squad includes teams in Italy, Macedonia, and USA coupled with partners across the world. Designs are 100% made in Italy, that fuse fashion, function and most importantly, inspire confidence.

As a brand we will always pay homage to Italian design and craftsmanship, while a large source of inspiration will continue to come from the outdoors. There are no rules in our design language, its just observation & absorption. Extraction of colors, lines and shapes, from variety of everyday situations outdoors. Because that’s what this is all about – streetwear.